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re: Earth Powers Tank Build


After trying several things and spending tons of game cash I have came up with an Earth tanking build that has worked for me. I have tanked the CC bounties today with it and had 0 problems. Before I give my load out I thought I should explain Earth powers a bit.

The powers are split into two trees, geokinesis and seismic. Geo-K is summoning pets to do stuff for you and keeping them alive. Seismic is earth quakes and for tanking focuses on your personal damage reduction.

I personally find the pets to be broken and the tank pet ONLY does stuff when you reach 40% health. By then it is too late.

I would like to say my way of Earth tanking is the closest way to getting an invulnerability power set as of now. It is quite fun but does take work.

Aftershocks are a must for playing earth as either tank or dps. SO WHAT IS AN AFTERSHOCK? you may be asking. Certain Earth powers allow you to click your melee mouse button to form an aftershock. This still drains power (which sucks cause GL version of this does not) this aftershock does PRECISION based damage. For tanking for the first 3 aftershocks it gives you higher damage reduction. Thus keep after shocks going to stay as invulnerable as possible


I am talking about the passive stat bonuses from weapon trees. I have 78 Skill points, thus I am able to move around a lot. As invulnerability is your focus you want to focus on DEF first. After Def focus on DOM. WHY DOM? because it adds to your damage reduction in tank mode. Finally is health. These are your main stats. Raise them in that order.


Earth Grip- This is compared to inescapable storm. It pulls 1-3 targets (maybe more if they are real weak) to you and stuns them. Comes in handy on weaker mobs and times when you want to only do one enemy at a time.

Gemstone Shield- This is the bread and butter of my tanking. It puts up a shield around to absorb damage. With that said it has a 3X after shock effect. Once you cast it click your melee button 3x to become even more invulnerable. It is quite amazing. At times I actually take 0 dmg.

Upheaval- This is an ability I just use for the aftershock effect to add to my dmg reduction (invulnerability). It is also a 3x after shock ability.

Epicenter- This is an ability similar to a fire ability which I can't remember the name of. It pulls large groups of enemies around you to you and gets aggro back to you. It also does a decent amount of damage and has a cool animation. With that said, it is a power hog.

Unstoppable- This is an ability I use to help out my self and my team mates. It makes u immune to control effects/stuns. This comes in real handy with bosses like pied piper etc. When we fought him, I was a loser and forgot what this ability did and then remembered half way through the fight and used it. TA DA no one got stunned anymore.

Envelop- This is my super charge ability. I use this when healer is low on power and I'm low on life. It is a lot like the block of ice power ice tanks have. It regens your health. The regen is quite good from what I have seen.


Earth is quite fun. I am enjoying it because it is new and different. I am also enjoying it because it is an invulnerability set. A couple things to remember are that 1) blocking is always your friend no matter what type of tank you are. 2) most of the tanking powers are power hungry. Warn your trollers of that before you do anything with them for they will know in advance.

That is my guide so to speak have fun Happy Happy

Olivia Joule
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re: Just what I've been looking for!

I wanted to thank you for writing this. I have probably read 20 guides to earth tanking and yours is the 1st one that has made any sense at all. I'm new to gaming and DCUO and its been hard to find guides I like. Keep it up!
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