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About JusticeGirlsDC

Justice Girls DC are always recruiting. If you wish to join us, please apply here on the site and a Justice Girl will get you an invitation in game. A PvE league with light/medium RP tones, full of lovely people with an awesome fun loving atmosphere where anyone can fit in.

So if you are a heroine who needs a home look no further!

* * * C H A R T E R * * *

What we are:

First and foremost we are a family. We all should be doing our best to be supportive and nurturing to all our sisters. Whether that be offering friendly advice, help in a quest or instance, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. We are here for each other. The Boss aka Justice Girl, Mystic Blades, Destructabelle, She Devil and others has worked very hard for years now to make this the best league it can be. And yes I do mean years, our roots go back to CoH.

Secondly, we are a casual content based league. We have scheduled raids on a weekly basis as well as more spontaneous member-led raids. We do alerts, duos and the like to aid in our progression through the game. We have plenty of members with a great amount of knowledge in regards to the game world that will be more than happy to answer any questions that may arise or give tips to make things go smoother.

Third, we support a light RP environment. Many of our girls, myself included enjoy RPing. We do host RP events and mixers like our big Halloween party. We also have member-led RP, which takes place all at the members' discretion.

Lastly, we are a presence in the community. We are a large league and that tag over your head means something to everyone who sees it. Remember that you represent your sisters when you go out into the world with our tag. We have a good reputation with other leagues and individuals. A reputation that's taken a long time to grow.

What we are not:

First, we are not here to power level you. We offer help and support but we're not going play your character for you. Don't take advantage of our hospitality. If you wish to have free epics handed to you then please in another league. Everyone here needs to work together so we can achieve as one.

Second, we are not "hard core" when it comes to any aspect of the game. That's not to say we don't have "hard core" members, but that's net the league that we are. We do raid, but we're not breaking our backs to be on the cutting edge of the new content. We move and grow at our own pace. You are free to PUG raids if there's something that we aren't doing that you'd be interested in or help motivate more of our members to see it with you. I know many of our members would love to see more end game content. Just know that we are a casual raiding league. If this is not your pace there are other more raid oriented leagues out there.

Third, we are net "heavy" RP. As I said above we support light and, to a degree, medium RP. Notice I did not say we were a RP league. We support our members' desire to RP, but that is not what the league is about. We have many members who do not RP at all. If it is your desire to RP heavily in lieu of other aspects of the game then there are more RP based leagues out there for you.

Fourth, we are not heavily PvP oriented. We do have a handful of members who enjoy or at least participate in PvP and would love to have more leaguemates to group with. Just keep in mind that at this time we only have a few. That's not to say we can't and won't have more just keep in mind that if you're looking for a league with lots of PvPers to make preforms with and to kick villain butt then you might want to look elsewhere.

Lastly, we are not cheaters. Anyone caught cheating by using things such as speed hacks, macros or the like, will be kicked immediately. I don't care if it's in PvE or PvP, if you can't play the game without violating the EULA then you need to find another league. This is a zero tolerance policy.



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