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re: Final Test part one

Years Ago...

The storm battered the old run down home of Mary’s School of Orphaned Children. The dimly lit building looked more like a prison than a school with its ten foot high fencing and armed security at the gate. Set off in the countryside, the school had very little in the way of visitors and most local residents didn’t even know it existed. Once a state run metal facility the school was opened up as a way to educate young children in the 1930s. The years have taken its toll on the main building giving it an ominous abandoned look save for the well maintained fencing and guards.

As the rain pounded the glass of a second story window, two teenage girls stare through the bars, silently watching the rain, when lightning flashes across the sky, causing the two to clasp hands. They look at each other knowing that the other is the only comfort they have known for many years.
Kate and Cate had been there many years now and they knew the truth behind the school.

All of the ‘orphans’ had special abilities and were tested daily. Always the same routine day after day, schooling, fighting, testing, over and over again. They were subjected to extreme hot, cold, radiation, and poisons, put in a room and made to fight each other. The last one standing was rewarded, usually with thirty minutes of outside time in the courtyard.

‘We just want to unlock your potential,’ they were told every day. If you failed, you were punished, but that was if the test didn’t kill you. Many of them tried to escape over the years, some even used their powers, but they were never seen again. The two girls lost count of how many others were there with them. They stopped trying to be friends with anyone and looked to each other for comfort and protection. For the past few weeks it was just the two them. They knew something was wrong when no new children showed up, but they had other things to worry about.

Suddenly footsteps echo across the room causing the two to jump at the sound. Both girls ran to their bed, quickly crawling under the coves and closing their eyes. A soft whistle accompanies the footsteps slowly getting closer and closer. Reaching the foot of the two beds, the whistling suddenly stops. The two girls fain sleeping, but both can’t help the feeling of dread now standing at their feet. A hand slowly touches and strokes the hair of each girl.

“My two special girls,” the mystery voice says. “Tomorrow is test is your final. None have ever survived the nine tests. My special twins will do great things one day. Get your rest young ones, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.”

The two remain silent as the figure walks away. As the whistling and footsteps fade, the two turn to each other and reach out taking the others hand. No words are spoken, but they knew tomorrow would be the last time anyone ever touched them again. They had a plan.

The next morning the twins walk across the room toward the door, each once touching the foot of empty beds as if paying homage to the others that use to occupy them. They don’t speak as they reach the door, nothing needed to be said. The twins hug each other and take a deep breath. Kate’s body emits a low hum as her skin turns to metal. Cate puts a finger to her temple and concentrates, forming a protective bubble around her. They give each other a slight nod and push open the door. It was time to leave.

The local Sheriff made his way down the darken road toward the abandoned school that was now engulfed in flames. As he approached the gate he was stopped by one of his deputies.

”Evening Sheriff, you might want to look at this,” said the young deputy nodding toward the gate.

Stepping out of his car, straightening his hat, the Sheriff started following the deputy. “What’s up Dan, what have we got?”

“That’s just it Sheriff, we have bodies, lots of ‘em from the looks of it. Counted twelve so far, from here to the building. Someone tore the fellers up.”

“Kids?” the Sheriff ask.

“No Sir, no kids, the two at the guard shake were male from the looks and the fella hanging on the gate is dressed like a doctor in one of them long white coats.”

“Hanging on the fence?” The Sheriff looks and the busted gate and see a lone figure hanging from it. “Oh for Pete’s sake Dan ya coulda took him down from there.”

“We Sheriff, I would have, but he’s….well…he’s melted to the fence. Face and skin all blistered, most Gawd awful thing I’ve seen. And he had this in his hands,” the deputy pulls a plastic evidence bag from his pocket.

The Sheriff looks at his Deputy and grabs the bag. Putting on his glasses he bends down, using his car’s headlight to view the contents. The partially burned documents shows a picture of two young girls, sisters or twins from the looks of it. Maybe a lad report, he thinks to himself, but like none he’s ever seen. Above the pictures he sees each has a title;

Gamma IX, subject passed, Psypher IX, subject passed. Real world test to begin immediately.

The Sheriff stands up and puts the bag in his pocket and turns to his Deputy. “Dan, you do some good for us,” he says. “Who else knows about this?”

“No one Sheriff, Frank and Sonja went up toward the building, I stayed here to have a look around when we noticed the bodies.”

The Sheriff places his arm around the young Deputy. “You did good. Did you see any evidence of the two girls who did this?”

“Well, no. We didn’t see anyone. Why do you think those little girls did this? They way those bodies look…”

The Sheriff cuts him off. “I wish things were different Dan, but this is just the way it has to be,“ he says, pushing the young man down to the ground. The Deputy turns and starts to speak, but no words come out. He stares in horror at the pistol pointed at his head as the Sheriff pulls the trigger.
Cara Lace
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re: Final Test part one

Wow dark and nicely done Happy


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